B.Design in Interior

An advanced diploma of 2 years would enable aspiring students to gain a better grasp over the subject. Comprising of 4 semesters, it would groom students’ right from the basics of designing even upto the levels of Fashion Shows. An advanced diploma would be more detailed and enriching.


4 Years
6 hrs per day

Semester ‒ I

  • Basic Design
  • Introduction to Art and Interior Design
  • Design Drawing and Graphics ‒ I
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications ‒ I
  • Communication Skills
  • Workshop(Ceramics ,Model making & Photography)

Semester ‒ II

  • Space Planining
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Design Drawing and Graphics ‒ II
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications ‒ II
  • Basic Computer Applications
  • Workshop ‒ II(Wood,Metal & Textile)

Semester ‒ III

  • Interior Design Studio ‒ I
  • Furniture Design
  • Fundamental of Structures
  • Advanced Materials and Applications
  • History of Interior Design
  • Workshop ‒ III(Furniture Design)

Semester ‒ IV

  • Interior Design Studion ‒ II
  • Lifestyle Accessories Design
  • Environmental Control ‒ I
  • Estimation and Project Management
  • Advanced Computer Applications
  • Integrated Project work ‒ I

Semester ‒ V

  • Interior Design Studio ‒ III
  • Working Drawings and Details
  • Environmental Control ‒ II
  • Interior Services
  • Signage and Graphics
  • Integrated Project Work ‒ II

Semester ‒ VI

  • Interior Design Studio ‒ IV
  • Seminar
  • Interior Landscape
  • Professional Practice
  • Psychology of Space and Behavioral science
  • Integrated Project Work ‒ III

Semester ‒ VII

  • Interim Training
  • Revitalization of Art or Craft
  • Design Thesis

Semester ‒ VIII

  • Practical Training


Design can be noticed in everything today – from what you see to what we interact with! Bonfire Institute of Design brings you close to the pathway of houte couture and innovative space design with Diploma, PG Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree level programs in Fashion and interior design. Grab a comprehensive know-how of the underpinning trends, techniques and the art of blending digitalization with design ethnicity.

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