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Draped Garment

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Draped Garment – A draped garment is a garment that is made of an entire piece of cloth; pieces are not cut away as in a fitted garment. It can be held to the body by means of pins, fibulae, clasps, sashes or belts, tying, or friction and gravity alone.

Many draped garments are one-piece garments. Advantage of draping is that the designer can see the overall design effect of the finished garment on the body form before the garment piece is cut and sewn. These are our bonfirians final draped garments,to explore the possibilities of styles, the draping is done on a gray fabric initially that later can be converted into patterns for a successful fashion clothing. Join Bonfire Institute of Design for more interesting workshops in fashion designing courses like Degree in Fashion Design, Advance Diploma and Diploma in Fashion Design. For More Details contact us at below mentioned addresses.. Bonfire Institute of Design,2nd floor,MOR Chambers,Basheerbagh,Near Liberty x roads,Hyderabad – 8099700800. Bonfire Institute of Design,2nd floor,Fortune Signature,Near JNTU Metro station,Hyderabad – 8099700800.

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